You can pre-order your bees here:

Bees will be ready in Spring - date to be confirmed with weather observations prior to Spring (this is so that I can sell you bees which have maximum colony numbers and resources for the colony)

Our bees are headed by one of our own That Local Honey queens, which was grafted from our breeder queen. 

The bees come as a nucleus colony. Meaning they are on frames with all of the baby brood, pollen and honey they need to get a big head start for the season. 

It goes without saying, that the bees for sale are not swarms with an old queen, and not splits taken from other hives to raise an emergency queen. These are genuinely bred and raised Italian honey bees. With a queen who was given exceptional attention in the critical growing stage of her life. 

Place a deposit on your bees and when your colony is ready in Spring I will contact to complete payment and to arrange pick up from Kiama, NSW.