Mated Caucasian Queen Bee

Mated Caucasian Queen Bee

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Our locally raised and mated Queen bees are bred by us here at That Local Honey.

This item is for the Caucasian mated Queen. Ready for you this coming SPRING 2024.

PLEASE NOTE: Queens will be raised for the next beekeeping season approximately beginning August/September 2024. Orders will be filled as first order first served.

Shipped every Monday & Tuesday to avoid any postage delays. If we are mailing your new Queen please order before Sunday midday to ensure postage for the following day.

Available to pick up from Kiama. Please contact us to arrange if you are picking up. (Put KIAMALOCAL in shipping if you are picking up to avoid paying for postage).


Re-queening in Summer
Some colonies may be found to be aggressive and hard to manage. Bees should be a joy! Good genetics can contribute to a calm colony. A calm queen will usually mean a calm colony.

Re-queening in Autumn
Bees will not easily requeen themselves in Autumn. If your colony is Queenless in Autumn it will be dead by Spring. A new Queen will mean the coming Spring will be booming with new baby bees.

Re-queening in Spring
Helps to keep your colony prolific, and new Queens bring vigour to a colony ready for a great season ahead! Making Splits or invigorating a colony with an old Queen.


Each queen is supplied in a queen cage containing the queen and 4-5 escorts, and candy for the bees.

Note: When you receive your Queen, please put a drop of water on the queen cage as the escort bees will need to have water to help feed the Queen.


Unfortunately at this time we cannot ship to TAS, VIC, NT and WA. Due to DPI restrictions.